Our Vision:

To be the Leading Designated Driving Company 



We are a Family Owned…

Designated Driving Company that first opened our doors March 2012 proudly serving Edmonton and Area with a safe alternative to getting you & your vehicle home. For those who have come in contact with one or more of the five owners; will know that we strive to be Professional all while providing Exceptional Customer Service.


                                                             “Let me offer you a hand to your door.”

                                                                  “Honey; let me grab your car and bring it around.”


 We have Great Employees who will ensure you get home safely, no matter what the circumstance is. We will treat you and your vehicle with the utmost respect, as we except the same in return. We know while being under the influences hinders your judgement and at no time we will ever step out of line or take advantage of you.

This is our Guaranteed Promise to you.



are we asked what made you choose to go down the path of a designated driver and going fourth with a company in this industry? Well let’s be honest; there is a demand for a service like ours! Alcohol is no stranger and will continue in our day and age as it has in the past as it is a great way to socialize and kick back.



Safety Is Paramount…

Our goal is to not only get you home safely, but to have our drivers return home to their families at the end of their shift as well. We put necessary procedures in place to ensure this happens, one of which is our Zero-Tolerance Policy. Any customer infringing upon our drivers safety and/or well-being risks being refused service. We encourage you to read our Terms of Service.


Don’t be shy, give us a try. It all starts with our dispatcher. You may be pleasantly surprised with how simple is it to use our service.

Customers Love Us, find out why.

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